Zeibekiko Int Variations-Nov 2011

Intermediate Variations

Foot Slap Variation - #7 RLL Foot Slaps & R Spiral (SBO)

RF side
LF x over RF
Rf side
LF paint brushes behind RF, bends at knee for a RH slap
LFHeel bent away from body L side, LH slap
LFHeel bent in towards body, RH slap
LF x in front of RF, turning to R for Natural Spiral
Barishines Leap Pivots  (WN)
Start L
L forward  -Q
R forward  -S
L forward turning almost 180 R with a jumping action  -Q
R hooks behind L finsihing 180 R and pivoting another 180 to end facing LOD  -S
L fwd down  LOD  -S
R fwd down LOD  -Q
L fwd down LOD   -S
R fwd and turning/jumping to turn 180 L to face almost aganins L  -Q
L hooks behind R finishing 180 and continuing to turn another 180 Right
R fwd
L fwd
R fwd, turning 1/8 to R   -Q
L raised for a hover continuing to turn another 1/ 8 R  -S
L crosses in front of R (facing Wall)   -Q
R side  -S
Replace wt L ft  -S
R crosses in front of L  -Q
L side with R ft passe   -S
R side beginning to turn R  -Q
L fwd continue turning R  -S
R fwd spinning 360 R
L closes to R ft

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