Zeibekiko Adv Variations-Nov 2011

Playing with Rhythms

Barishines "Three Rondes, triplet closing, L releve, back drag" WN

Start wt on LF 
L ronde as stepping on RF
R ronde
L ronde working into
L triple  backward closing L to right ft on third step
R back leaving L in place
Replace wt to L ft (which is in front of R); R ft Passe (4ish)  **Hovering
R ft back with L foot dragging to cross in front of R ft
Triple Kick Jump (WN)
Start wt on RF
LF side
RF forward into break turning 1/4 to left
Replace wt LF commencing to turn 1/4 to right
RF circles about at knee level and kicks forward high and steps facing LOD
LF forward high kick and step facing LOD
LF hops allowing RF smaller jump and LF high kick/jump ending with LF point

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